ANF Technology

    ANF Technology is a young information technology company, with a team of young and passionate software engineers.


is a young startup in the field of information technology with the goal of bringing technology to all people in Vietnam

ANF Technology is founded in October 2016, with a team of young and motivated IT engineers. Our goal since the very beginning is always aiming to "Make living simpler". Using advanced technologies (IoT, AI, image processing,...) we aim to create more applications, smart devices and services, in order to make the living of people be more comfortable.

Beside of the primary goal, ANF Technology also want to bring the technology of Vietnam to the world, to contribute in the effort of making place for Vietnam in global technology map.

Our Core Values


In ANF Technology, we understand that teamwork is the most important factor when solving any problems. We encourage our members to work with each others to find the best solution for any problem.

Teamwork is not only for work, it's also our choice of building team spirit. Working together help members to understand each others and also raise the team spirit.


In ANF Technology, we understand that professional in services make our customers satisfied. We always encourage members to keep their professional working manner, to help customers achieve their needs when they come to us.

The satisfaction of customer is our first priority.


In ANF Technology, we understand that quality is the final goal of every works and must be put on the top. A product without high quality is not in our book.

When customer come to us, we understand that they want a high quality product, enough to satisfy their needs. And in ANF Technology, we promise to do our best in developing the high quality product you need.


In ANF Technology, we ensure that the passion is passed on to the next generation. A team cannot go far without passion. Passion is very important in building team spirit and help team members getting close to each other's.

The best way of keeping passion in team is to pass is on to the next generation. When a new member join our team, he/she will receive the passion from the old members and will soon build his/her own passion to contribute in the team.


In ANF Technology, we encourage each individual to think outside of the box and developing new ideas.

With a creative development team, the product can be implemented with the most advanced technologies and features, achieve the highest possible quality.


In ANF Technology, we encourage each individual to keep facing and overcome new challenges. Only by facing and try to overcome the challenge can a member sharpen their skill and mind.

We considered any problem to be a challenge to our team members. Each member have to find their solutions for the challenge, consolidate their skill and contribute their solutions to team's developing product. By this way, each product will be a training for each member, while also be a goal of teamworking.