Embedded System Development

Embedded systems are everywhere. For example, our house is full of embedded systems: a washing machine and coffee maker, TV with remote control, electric oven and refrigerator, burglar alarm, stereo and DVD player, wireless "smart home" system.

A car has about 30-40 embedded systems on board. They make a car safer, cost-effective, provide ease of operation and comfort of movement. The fuel injection system, braking system, transmission control system, dashboard devices, central locking and audio system - these all are automotive embedded systems.

Military security systems and government management systems are based on a set of high-performance embedded systems. Embedded systems also control different processes at the space stations and satellites. Any modern machine tool and measuring device - it is also an embedded system.

Many complex medical diagnostic systems are using embedded systems for analysis, results processing, etc. In other words, the embedded system - it is a small computer, that is integrated into the device which it controls.

ANF Technology aims to develop diverse systems using the advantage of embedded technology. Our focus lies in image processing technology, which we determine that will play an important role in the future of technology.