Web System Maintenance & Development

We’re all living and working in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic world. More and more businesses rely on websites for increasing the visibility of their services. Nowadays, businesses rely heavily on websites to generate leads and prosper in business. A well-maintained website accessible 24/7 showcases your professionalism and credibility. Utmost care should be taken for maintaining your website and it is no longer a low priority task with increasing number of businesses moving online.

Technology is evolving day by day and so is increase in Internet Security threats and cyber-attacks Keeping Websites up-to-date is essential for your business as well as to mitigate security risks.

At ANF Technology, we maintain a dedicated pool of talented Web development resources skilled in website maintenance services spanning a wide range of technologies.

Our Website Maintenance and Support services focus on the following key areas:

  • Update CMS Plugins & Themes
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Bug Fixes & Regular Maintenance
  • Security Monitoring, Performance Tuning & Load Balancing
  • Content Upgrades & Search Engine Optimization
  • UI Changes & Responsive Design

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