Product development

Research and develop own production and find opportunities to establish it as an independent start-up.

Outsourcing services

Collaborating with technology companies and start-ups to build and develop software projects, supporting and consulting on technology solutions.

Human development

Training the global IT team through cooperation with leading universities in Vietnam.

About Us

ANF Technology is a young information technology company, with a team of young and passionate software engineers. With the mission of "Make living simpler", we're aiming of creating more applications, smart devices, integrated with latest technologies (IOT, AI, image processing...) in order to improve the living of humanity.

ANF Technology first established in late 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the goal of creating production. In mid 2017, ANF Technology open the second office in Japan, starting new sector of software outsourcing.

More of us

Our Core Values

Make living simpler by combining efforts and passionate of young and skilled team members


In ANF Technology, we understand that teamwork is the most important factor when solving any problems.


In ANF Technology, we understand that professional in services make our customers satisfied.


In ANF Technology, we understand that quality is the final goal of every works and must be put on the top.


In ANF Technology, we ensure that the passion is passed on to the next generation.


In ANF Technology, we encourage each individual to think outside of the box and developing new ideas.


In ANF Technology, we encourage each individual to keep facing and overcome new challenges.

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